Thanks for your support!

For all my Vicky for Clerk supporters, friends, and family,

This election didn’t go our way, but so much good was accomplished.

We drew attention to the abysmal state of our elections systems in Tippecanoe County.

We helped boost Democratic turnout to an all-time midterm election record, and in the process we helped fellow Democrats sweep two township boards and trustees.  We elected a Democratic sheriff and we replaced a Republican state legislator with a Democrat in District 26.  We ran spirited, energetic, positive campaigns in Indiana House and Senate races all over our area.  In short, we have begun the process of breaking down one-party rule in Tippecanoe County.  And YOU helped us do this.  You are part of the new political culture here. This is YOUR accomplishment.

I have so many thanks my heart is full to bursting, but I must thank our county party central committee, Steve Durbin and Ian Pitlarz (our data mavens), Maureen and Dale Berry (yard sign managers extraordinaire), everyone who hosted house parties, everyone who canvassed and made phone calls and wrote postcards, everyone who contributed to my campaign, my mother who starred in a video spot and wrote cards and notes on my behalf, and in particular my marvelous husband, who for the second election in a row was always by my side and gave unstintingly of his time to support me and all of us who were running this year.

We have to remain engaged.  We cannot let this year be a one-off aberration.  We will continue to push back against one-party control of local government, against unaccountability, against anything that interferes with citizens’ ability to get to the polls and cast ballots that are counted accurately.  I am more energized than ever.  I’m more fired up than ever.  We have much more good to accomplish in the future, and we have each other’s backs.

With all my love and gratitude,